“ Acquiring a possibly life-saving skill cannot be overestimated. And if you can have fun doing it – do it. The crowd is great and the instructors are knowledgeable and helpful. So, don’t hesitate to join in.”​

Elliot B.

CTG Alumni '13

You are given many tools from many different fighting styles.  CTG wants its students to be able to utilize and interchange all the skills they teach at any given time. The fact that you are actually learning something useful is what keeps you coming back for more, as opposed to other schools that spend so much time focusing structure, belts, and calling your instructor Sensei… It basically boils down to this:  Combat Tactics Group is a no BS school for people interested in real life practical self-defense, taught in a relaxed comfortable setting by knowledgeable instructors.​

Michael F.

CTG Alumni '10

I recently did a seminar with Henry Ly. It was professional, hands on, and very practical. I took a lot away from it. I will be training with this Instructor again, and highly recommend training with him and his group.

Billy Swire

CTG Law Enforcement 09'

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You can really get something of value (your life), by taking these classes. It is really gear for real life situations in applying simply techniques to protect yourself. The way they teach, consideration is taken in account when they deal with you as an individual. If you don’t really understand what is being shown to you, they will take the time to show you, so that you will understand (which is a rare quality these days)… For all New Yorkers, I highly recommend for you to take at least one class just to try it out.


Tellok Bey

CTG Alumni '13

“I learned things that could, one day, save my life. I am going back with this group for more.

And they handled different levels of capability very well. Those in the class who were experienced in martial arts learn differently than those who have no martial arts experience and no athletic experience.

What was impressive was that everyone in the class, by the end of one class, could better defend themselves, at any level.”


CTG Alumni '12

life changing!!
as an older student who was not in the best shape to begin with meeting mark and henry and all of my wonderful classmates its changed my life! slimmer, stronger, etc... what and how they teach has had such an impact its hard to put into words but i know the future is bright.
Its an honor!!

Tom M.

CTG Wed Night Alumni 15'

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“Such a great group.

I came across them on Meetup and attended one of their seminars. By far it has been one of the most life changing experiences that I have had the honor to attend.

Mark Anthony and Henry were both great instructors, everything taught was simple, minimalistic and best of it all, effective.

I felt that after I left the intro class, i had something that I could use to defend myself.”

Marina C.

CTG Alumni '13

“It’s a good place. The techniques taught there are elegant. They worked very well when I (had to) use them, and they were very simple to learn and also hard to forget.

Class time has been spent in a very efficient way, so there was quite lots of practice on situations which were very close to real. There was some blood, too. I’m just kidding.

It’s always good to make most of the mistakes in classes rather than in real situations. And I think CTG has done a very good job on making sure everyone performed the moves correctly and fluidly.”

Thinh L.

CTG Alumni '14

"His training techniques are tailored for each student; he analyzes strengths and weaknesses and crafts a strategy for improvement. Very personable and very rigorous. "

Jason P.

CTG Alumni 08'

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