We Customize Butt-Kicking To You

More than a dozen different Martial Art’s systems, customized to your needs.

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Non-military Personnels & Citizens

Face it, it’s dangerous to work in New York let alone live here: muggings, crazy people you encounter on the train, and so much more. We’ll teach you the dirty stuff that you’ll need in order to survive.

Law Enforcement & Hot Duty Personnels

Your life is on the line each and every single second you’re on duty. That’s why you need to be able to get in, end the altercation, and get out, in a very surgical and barbaric way. And that’s exactly what you’ll learn here.

Professional Combat Athletes

Whether you’re looking to compete or are already competing, we’ll push your body to your genetics’ peak performance. You’ll be punching and kicking faster, stronger, and harder than you’ll ever had before.


Because we teach only a select few, the quality of our teachings is one of the best. We’ll get you good in what you need to do. Fast. The attention to detail, knowledge, and success of each member guarantees it.

Combat Tactic Group Teaches Only A Select Few


We hate douchebags. We maintain a strict “No Douchebaggery Allowed” rule at all times. This rule in itself has fostered a large family that we are proud of. At the end of the day, we don’t consider people our “students” if you’re cool, you’re family.


We’re┬ánot going to lie to you and tell you that you’ll make it into the group.

But if you do, we want you to understand that you’re among a circle of members

who will stick with you through thick and thin regardless of the situation.

And we guarantee that you won’t find a group like this for a long time.

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